June 12, 2019

34 high school students awarded free laptops

We just shipped a brand new Apple MacBook Pro to this year’s outstanding award recipients.  Their stories, accomplishments, and resilience to overcome daily challenges are inspirational.  We applaud their success and extend our best wishes for continued excellence in their academic journey.

Quotes and words of gratitude from a few of this year’s winners:

“Thank you!  This is beyond what I could have ever expected and it paints a brighter picture of my future as a college student

“This laptop is a valuable resource as I pursue my education as a first generation college student

“It’s a symbol of the precious people who have supported me with their generosity

“Before this year, owning a computer was a distant dream…it is synonymous to having keys to my future

“Thank you!  Receiving this award also helps my family financially and we greatly appreciate your generosity

“I have the ability to take control, work at my own pace, rather than worrying about when the library will close”

“Sending a huge thank you for my new computer…shows that hard work pays off.  I cannot wait to work even harder as I continue my academic career”


May 22, 2018

50 high school students awarded free laptops

Fifty outstanding applicants were awarded a free Apple (trademark) laptop from Fully Charged for College.  We are inspired by the commitment to academics, hours spent volunteering, and the resilience they display in their daily lives.  Being able to rise above these challenges puts a new perspective on success.  We congratulate their accomplishments.

Here’s a few examples of their gratitude:

I am so incredibly thankful.  I believe that Fully Charged for College has an amazing message: students from low-income families can strive and achieve a higher education.
Kayla, Nursing

…express my deepest gratitude…a chance to continue my education with the best resource at my disposal.
Ajlal, Biology / Neuroscience

Winning this computer shows me that through dedication and hard work, I am capable of achieving anything.
Rudy, Civil Engineering

After seeing how Fully Charged for College helps so many students, I am now inspired to help others….nothing holding me back from reaching my full potential.
Ridhika, Psychology / Pre-Med

Thanks for aiding me tremendously in my academic journey.
Nathnael, Political Science / International Relations

…helps me get one step closer to becoming a cardiologist.  I hope you know that this means the world to me.
Leslie, Biology / Pre-Med

Knowing that I have a reliable computer for the next level of my education is truly a blessing.  My family and I thank you so much.
Eric, Computer Information Systems

Winning this computer will open endless new opportunities…I won’t have to borrow someone else’s computer or head to the library…complete more work of higher quality.
Quyen, Cognitive Science

I am filled with joy to receive this award.  I will finally have the space [and technology] to download programs and applications relevant to my computer science major.
Sidhika, Computer Science

I am still trying to figure out whether this is true because it feels like a dream.
Jeena, Nursing



May 18, 2017

22 Fairfax County high school students awarded free laptops

Twenty-two stellar applicants, with outstanding qualifications were awarded a free Apple(trademark) laptop from Fully Charged for College.  They're headed to a wide range of universities including the University of Wisconsin, Rensselaer, Cornell, University of Virginia, Embry Riddle Aeronautical, NYU, Virginia Tech to name a few.  They'll major in Engineering, Finance, Neuroscience, Biology/Chemistry, Nursing, and other STEM disciplines.

Some quotes from these most appreciative students:

Thank you soooooo much!! This means everything to my family and me!  It means that I can have access with the world in which I can connect with professors, find internships and work, and most importantly complete assignments. It means hope, pride and motivation in my education and it is a great blessing because a lot of people don't get this wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much for changing my future and helping me succeed in achieving my dreams.
Ruth, Engineering

If I am to be completely honest, winning this computer is extremely beneficial to not only me, but also my family. Although I work a part-time job, it takes many weeks for me to accumulate the amount of money that an Apple computer is worth.  I appreciate what Fully Charged has given me, and I cannot express how grateful I am to win this computer.
Diana, International Business

Thank you very much for giving me and other students such a generous gift. Winning this computer truly means the world to me. It means that there are people out there who care and are willing to lend out a helping hand. This computer is not just a tool to me, it is a symbol of optimism for the future.
Sophia, Neuroscience

I still cannot believe my eyes that I won such breathtaking gift that can help me greatly for the future. I appreciate the work you guys are doing to help students with their dreams.
Jung Min, Aviation Maintenance Science

I feel absolutely ecstatic. I am incredibly grateful to the Fully Charged for College organization and all of the donors for this incredible honor. By awarding me this laptop, you have lightened my financial burden which will allow me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community.  I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.
Abdullah, Finance

With this brand new Mac computer, I hope to further pursue my academic and personal interests in college and further help others in financial need!!! I want to thank FullyChargedForCollege for existing. There are so many financially deprived students out there who wish to receive well-rounded education but are unable to do so due to financial reasons.
Kody, Chemistry

Winning this computer is an enormous blessing and a wonderful opportunity!  I now have a brand new device that fills me with confidence to study and succeed alongside my peers. I am extremely grateful for both the opportunity to apply for this computer and the honor of being awarded one. With this computer, I can enter college free of stress, ready to work, and fully charged!
Eunice, Business


May 20, 2016

First 15 Students Awarded Free Laptops

Fifteen Fairfax County high school students will head off Fully Charged for College this coming Fall. As they start their first college semester, they take with them a free Apple® laptop awarded by Fully Charged for College, Inc.

Upon hearing the news of their selection, award recipients expressed excitement and gratitude.

“Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity to further my education,” wrote Nichole* (Old Dominion class of 2020).

Mariana* who will attend Virginia Tech, wrote “Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity!! I am beside myself with joy at the moment, I really appreciate this so much.”

“Thank you Fully Charged for College for believing in me,” emailed Patrick* (George Mason class of 2020). “I will always be grateful for what you have done for me and I hope one day I can repay by helping someone in need as you have with me.”

Students granted the laptop awards met income and other eligibility requirements and were selected on the strength of their application which included an essay. As award recipient Sidra* (Virginia Commonwealth University class of 2020) wrote, “I didn't talk about this in my essay, but I truly did struggle without having a laptop and having a resource for doing my homework… I can expand and do so many things with this laptop, and I want to thank you for this….Thank you for giving me a great opportunity for my future and what I decide to do in my field of study.”

High school career counselors and administrators helped Fully Charge for College launch its computer scholarship program at four Fairfax County high schools during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Harry VanTrees, Assistant Principal Westfield High School, said “I am so pleased we were able to be one of the pilot schools and our students took advantage of your generous offer.”

Karen Burke, a Career Center Specialist at South Lakes High School, wrote “…thank you so much for supporting our students! They must have been thrilled and what a huge weight off their shoulders. I hope we can partner again next year, thank you again!

For the 2016-2017 school year, 25 Fairfax County high schools will communicate the Fully Charged for College opportunity to their students. “(I) love that you are expanding this to other schools – what a remarkable opportunity,” wrote Jenny Collins, Oakton High School’s Career Center Specialist.

* Last names withheld for privacy