1. Can I apply if I intend to go to a 2-year community college and transfer to a 4-year institution?

One of our eligibility requirements to be considered for a free computer is acceptance and enrollment in a 4-year university.

  1. Can I apply if my high school is not on the list of participating schools?

We are currently accepting applications from college bound high school seniors in need in Fairfax County, VA, Coatesville Area School District PA High School, and Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School. We intend to expand the list of participating schools throughout Virginia and the nation.  An updated list of participating schools will be available online prior to the start of each academic year.

  1. How do I submit my college confirmations (letter of acceptance to a 4-year college/university and enrollment deposit/confirmation)?

You may forward emails from your college containing these documents to info@fullychargedforcollege.org. Or you can scan the hard copies and send the scans to the same email address. A third option is to send by regular mail to Fully Charged for College, Inc., P.O. Box 711296, Oak Hill, VA 20171.

  1. What if I miss the submission deadlines for my application or documentation?

All applications are due March 1 by 5 pm and all required documentation is due May 1 by 5 pm.  There are no exceptions to the due dates.  Please plan ahead to ensure you meet these due dates including any recycle that needs to be done on your documents.  (e.g. incomplete application, unsuccessful electronic submission, partial documentation, etc.)

  1. What kind of computer is awarded?

Each award recipient receives a new Apple® computer – a model currently being used by the majority of U.S. college students. This computer comes with the full Mac Support to help you get started and build your Mac expertise.

  1. When are computers given to award recipients?

Award recipients receive their computers in early July so they may start their first semester Fully Charged for College.

  1. How will award recipients receive their computer?

Computers are shipped to the award recipient’s home address directly from Apple® Computer.

  1. Does everyone win if they meet the due dates?  If I am eligible, will I receive a free computer?

As with other scholarship programs, Fully Charged for College is a competitive process.  You must be selected by the Board of Directors to receive a free computer.

  1. Once I submit my documentation, will I receive a status update on my application?

You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your application and also upon receipt of your follow up documentation.  Only winners will be notified, no status updates will be provided.

  1. Where can I get the current application?

Please visit www.fullychargedforcollege.org to obtain the current application.  It will be available from December 1 onward.  Older versions from previous years will not be accepted.

  1. Any tips for filling out the application?

It is very important that you answer one of the provided prompts.  We are not asking for personal statements.  Please take the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other applicants.  You are not “signing up” for a free computer, you are applying to be considered as an award recipient.


High Schools

  1. How do I get my high school listed as a participating school?

We intend to expand our list of participating schools. If your high school is within a county of current operations (e.g. Fairfax County, VA), your high school will be listed as a participating school. If your county / high school is not listed, please contact us to discuss expansion opportunities.

  1. How do I know that a student from my school has applied or received a computer award?

Due to privacy concerns with the Free/Reduced Lunch Program, we are not in a position to confirm which students have applied for a free computer. Confirmation of application or award must come from the student, should they choose to notify a school official.

  1. What do I need to do to administer this scholarship program?

High schools first agree with our Directors to participate in the program. Upon that agreement, high schools are listed as participating schools on our website. Participating schools then use their regular channels to communicate to their student body the opportunity of a free laptop for eligible college-bound seniors, directing them to our website and application. Fully Charged for College takes care of everything else – from application acceptance and review, to awards selection and computer distribution to students. We are happy to help high schools get the word out to students, too; simply contact us for help.

  1. How many computers will be allocated to my high school?

Awards are based on the strength of the application, confirmed acceptance and enrollment in a 4-year college or university, and Fully Charged for College Inc.’s available resources. There is no allocation by school limiting the number of award recipients.



  1. I want to donate the cost of one student’s computer. How much should I donate?

The cost in 2018 for each computer was approximately $1,250.

  1. Are any computer companies supporting your efforts?

Each award recipient will receive a new Apple® computer.

  1. Do you accept physical donations of used or new computers?

To ensure consistency and ease of logistics, we only purchase new computers and ship directly to the award recipients’ homes.

  1. Can I contribute monthly?

Yes. On the Donate Now page, select the amount of your donation and then click the box for “I would like this donation to automatically repeat each month.”

  1. Do you stay in touch with the award recipients?

To help continually improve our process, we ask award recipients for feedback on their new computer, the award process, and the impact of the award on their collegiate experience. We encourage an open dialogue going forward to remain an active part of their exciting future.