Board of Directors


Linda Lawler Sweeney

Founder, President

Linda’s primary role as Founder/President is to serve as an advocate for deserving students in need. She leads the effort to search for and share relevant data, educating others on the tremendous barriers faced by under-resourced students pursuing a degree in higher education. Her hope is that one day no high school student will go to college without a computer.

Linda graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Business Administration and started her career in computer programming. As she raised her family, Linda recognized her passion for education and specifically, mathematics.  She transferred her skills and began an 18-year career as a Math Educator/ Math Department Chair at Nysmith School in Virginia.

Now retired from her role as an educator, Linda and her husband, Gordon, founded Fully Charged for College as a way to support and promote higher education for all socioeconomic groups. This has now become Linda’s passion.